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  A group from Young at Heart enjoying lunch out at the Goring and Streatley Golf Club in October 2014
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Computer courses for the vision impaired

Picture of a blue computer with arms and legs


Suitable For: Anyone who wants a basic, all-round introduction to computing and how computing ctan help with leisure activities, shopping and communicating with people.

Week 1: Basic Operating System

Morning ( 10.45 – 12.00 )

Introduction to Windows 7: desktop; icons; mouse actions (click, drag, drop, cut, copy, paste).

Afternoon ( 13.00 – 13.45 )

Some Windows 7 tools: Date and Time; Calendar; Notepad; Calculator

Week 2: Basic Internet

Morning ( 10.45 – 12.00 )

Introduction to the web: web browsers; web addresses and searches; bookmarks; online shopping.

Afternoon ( 13.00 – 13.45 )

Further web elements: search tips; web payment systems; cookies, pop-ups and browser history.

Week 3: Communicating via the computer

Morning (10.45 – 12.00 )

Introduction to using the computer to keep in touch: e-mail (how to send and receive messages); writing letters and documents; dealing with online forms.

Afternoon ( 13.00 – 13.45 )

Further aspects of e-mail: address books; mail lists; attaching photographs and documents.


Week 1: Screen Magnifiers

Morning ( 10.45 – 12.00 )

Introduction to screen magnification: the advantages and disadvantages; built-in tools (Windows 7); free tools available online; Magnifier (in all three modes) and Virtual Magnifier.

Afternoon ( 13.00 – 13.45 )

Short introduction to Dolphin Supernova Magnifier.

Week 2: Speech Readers

Morning ( 10.45 – 12.00 )

Introduction to screen reading software: the concept of speech output, with a focus on the free system NVDA.

Afternoon ( 13.00 – 13.45 )

A look at other speech readers such as Supernova and Guide (both from Dolphin.)

Week 3: Other Technologies

Morning ( 10.45 – 12.00 )

A look at how various technologies help with computer use, including: enlarged screens; enlarged keyboards; coloured keyboards; document scanners; TV/Video magnifiers.

Afternoon ( 13.00 – 13.45 )

Demonstration of an inexpensive letter and document reader.

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